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2011 Gibson Custom Shop Aged Les Paul Custom Ace Frehley Budokan 70's Mint

  • Market Price: $6875.00

this is a gibson custom shop limited edition of ace frehley's 70's les paul custom in heritage cherry sunburst with nitrocellulose finish and ultra aged.  there are 3 period correct dimarzio pickups with the bridge pickup being a super-distortion.  the guitar is wired so that the pup switch becomes a cut off switch between the bridge pickup and the other two, which are not wired.  to repeat:  only the bridge pickup is wired.  this is the same wiring on all 100 of these ltd pieces    to activate the other 2 pups would take a modification.  they are not wired.  why?  because ace's isn'.  seems odd but that is what gibson did.  and this piece is a close to exact replica.  mahogany pancake heavy body  mahogany-maple-mahogany.  9+ pounds.  aged hardware.  "faux" fractured neck- (it isn't but is meant to look like ace's).  ebony fretboard.  mother of pearl inlays.  ace sn# + special ace coa.  the guitar is new.  all tags, serial numbers, and ohsc.   all shipping by fedex only.  international welcome.  satisfaction guaranteed.  9 pounds 9 ounces.
i gave this a test run just to see about the 1 pickup arrangement.  action is extremely low and fast.  beautiful ebony.  the pickup is a real growler.  has a nice whine to it.  this is definitely a collectors piece but also plays beautifully .  a mod would be nice but not necessary .
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