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2011 Gibson Custom Shop Marc Bolan Aged Les Paul Standard Custom Ebony Neck Mint

  • Market Price: $5999.00

new condition guitar.  old stock. this is a 2011 limited edition gibson custom shop marc bolan (t rex) les paul standard with a les paul custom neck- ebony fretboard, mother or pearl inlays.  solid standard body, probably an r8 top bound two piece maple top in aged bolan chablis.  the back is solid mahogany, with severe aging - see photos.  special custom gibson buckers made for this guitar.  mismatched aged hardware.  weight is 9lbs 8 ounces (heavy), and comes with the signature case, coa, strap, all tags and extras. buy with security.  satisfaction guaranteed. no gibson warranty, save money.  list is $11,292.00 and the retail is $7999.00.  see photos below.  the neck profile is tapered, with a long neck tenon.  the original guitar belonging to bolan had a broken neck, that was replaced with an ebony gloss custom as in lp custom tapered, voluted 70's neck.  the volute is a thing of the past for gibson, but added strength to the critical area of a gibson neck.  to my knowledge les paul customs do not have long neck tenons, so this must have been specially made for him.  bolan was quite the craftsman, stripped his 58 down to the wood, and painted it what he called chablis.  the aging was done in house.  the serial number is inked on the back of the headstock.  bolan- a glam rocker- whatever that means- was killed in a car accident in which he was not the driver.  sad.
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