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2012 Gibson Les Paul 59 Tom Murphy Ultra Aged Lemon Drop LPR9 8lbs 11oz

  • Market Price: $7999.00

100% unplayed, these sell new for $8999 and list for over $11k.  you can save a huge amount of money here... this one is finished in lemon drop and weighs in at 8lbs 11oz

this one is a tom murphy ultra aged 59 in lemon drop

here are thespecs:

description: the gibson custom shop tom murphy ultra aged les paul guitars are beautifully aged to recreate the look and feel of a les paul that's been played non-stop for the last 5 decades. these guitars are a wonderful tribute to those original les pauls from the '50s and they are the rarest of the rare. this is no mint, under the bed, "don't even look at it" guitar. it's the one that would be criminal not to play. the ultra aged les pauls offer the quality build and attention to detail that the custom shop and tom murphy are famous for. these guitars start life as a regular historic reissue, but are transformed by tom into living, breathing, screaming monsters. the first thing you notice when you pick one up is the lack of finish on the back of the neck. it's aged to look like good honest play-wear and a few smoky bar gigs. same for the forearm section of the top. the intricate vintage checking on this guitar is a real credit to tom's talent. it looks like a spiders web all over the body and neck of this guitar and it feels straight out of the case like it's been played for years. the heavily rounded fingerboard edges make chord shapes feel easier and creates a familiarity with the guitar from the moment you pick it up, much like a well played vintage original. the expert aging, lacquer checking, and missing finish is nice cosmetically, but serves a larger purpose. it allows the guitar to breathe. over time new guitars tend to open up and become more resonant, rich, and harmonic as they are played; ultra aged les pauls sound "played-in" from the first note. less lacquer also means a smoother feel throughout and a lighter instrument in weight. this one weighs 8 lbs 6.5 oz. the thickness of the neck measures .900 at the first fret and 1.020 at the 12th. aside from these custom upgrades this guitar has all the standard specs of a '59 les paul reissue; flame maple top, solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, gibson burstbucker pickups, abr-1 bridge & stopbar tailpiece. the lemon drop finish is the finial touch of perfection and is also extremely rare as is this kind of flame maple. this top looks like old wood that's been seasoned over the years, hills and valleys of grain with lots of flecking. found in less than 1 in 1,000 trees, this kind of flame maple is very hard in texture and reflective, capturing stress between the flames of grain and producing a loud, powerful projective sound.

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pleaseask any and all questions, you will love this beauty, and please checkmy other auctions for some more amazing and rare guitars.

i am not a gibson dealer, so these do not come with a warranty.  theyare however exactly as described, mint condition.  although they are innew condition, i can't sell them as a new guitar. if you want awarranty, buy them new from an authorized dealer and pay their insanelyhigh prices, but if you want a quality guitar, for hundreds (andsometimes) thousands less, buy it from me, a trusted and proven ebayseller.