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59 Parts PAF Replica Humbucker Neck Aged for Les Paul Alnico 2 Clone w Cover

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59 parts paf neck humbucker - vintage correct paf replica!!! alnico 2, aged nickel silver cover

by the early 1950's gibson was being directly challenged by fender as the major producer of quality solid body electric guitars. to counter the fender charge on the market, gibson decided to develop a high quality, low noise pickup with which to equip their newly introduced les paul model guitar. seth lover was the engineer assigned with the task of developing this new product. in order to solve the inherent noise problems of the p90 and single coil pickups lover decided upon connecting two side by side single coil pickups in series but with opposite magnetic polarities and opposite current travel in either coil. the product he developed changed the sound of electric guitar forever!

gibson filed their patent for the pickup design on june 22, 1955. and by 1957 the humbucker was standard issue on most of gibson's products. however - the patent wasn't fully granted until july 28, 1959. this led to gibson sticking on the little black "patent applied for" decals on the back of those early humbuckers (from late '57 till mid/late '62) hence the "paf" abbreviation.

59 parts is now offering a replica of the 50's neck paf! every single detail of our pickup is vintage correct! this is one of the closest paf replicas on the market!

59 parts pafs are lightly aged and built according to original specifications! our pickups are hand wound and made with correct parts, including the plain enamel wire, rough cast alnico 2 magnets.

this is a 7,3k ohms neck pickup.

here are the details that gave the classic vintage 50's paf's their legendary tone and are duplicated in the 59 parts paf:

- hand wound

- wound with 42awg plain enameled wire

- alnico 2 bar magnet

- patend applied for clone butyrate 49.2mm bobbins

- threaded nickel silver correct sized baseplate, not generic part

- patent applied for decal

- maple wood spacer

-- 7.3k ohms (+/- 5%)

- non wax potted

- 2 stranded braided hook up wire, vintage correct

- slotted height adjuster screws

- aged paf cover made from vintage correct nickel silver. 49,21 mm spacing.

here is a sound sample demonstrating the 59 parts paf:

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59 parts is a brand specializing in hand-aging guitar parts. in our offer you can find knobs and other aged plastic and metal parts.