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Aged Vintage 3 Saddle Fendter Telecaster Bridge Plate

  • Market Price: $34.99

aged chrome fender telecaster* bridge plate for 3-saddle vintage style telecaster bridge

looking for a hand-aged bridge plate for that aged telecaster* project you're working on? don't want parts that look like they were saoked in a vat of chemical goo, but aged by hand instead, to a perfect patina with random wear patterns? looking for true vintage appearing parts? don't want parts that are rusted so you can't even them after a few months? we've sold dozens of aged parts to happy customers! we also relic our own hardware for tundratone custom guitars. so look no further!

  • aged by hand,we start with sturdy nickel and chrome plated control plates.  then we add random wear, nicks, simulated grunge and a perfect patina like the guitar has actually seen 50 years of use.
  • genuine fender vintage telecaster bridge plate. stamped "fender pat. pending" this is a genuine fender part. tell us what level of wear you're looking for and that's what we'll send!
  • perfect for that 60s or 70s three saddle telecaster, vintage 4-screw design with the string through holes behind the 4 mounting screws.
  • auction is for one part only.  we can do these light wear to heavy wear your choice!
  • note: no two will be completely identical, we can get close, but there will always be differences.

these are replacement parts and are not presented as or to be construed as actual vintage parts. perfect for the do-it-yourselfers out there! we've sold a lot of these (check our feedback) and the feedback has been excellent! the picture is representative of the parts you will get. due to the random nature or aging and how we create these, no two are exactly alike. i make these a at a time with a controlled process. they will be very similar to the pictures'

at tundratone, we offer custom tone solutions using only the highest grade components and built to your exact specifications. we are proud to offer the best selection of nos pio, ceramic, wax and paper and other vintage tone caps intended for the electric guitar enthusiast on the internet!

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