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Dillion New " Made for Dillion USA" Aged BUTTERSCOTCH1952 Vintage Beauty

As a professional guitar custom shop, we are able to make all kinds of guitars in any style. For example, you can change the finish color freely, or add your personalized elements to your guitar, such as your autograph, your pictures or any other somethings you like. Importantly, our customized guitars are pricing in a very reasonable price range, only a few hundreds of dollars for a custom made guitar, that is really a great deal! Contact us right now, we are waiting for you!
Risk Free
Left-handed also available

The guitar pictures here aim to show you our ablity of what style we can build, and provide some reference for your custom plan model, so if you want to customize the guitar you want, please email us and make a enquiry.
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you are bidding on a new aged "made for dillion usa"  right handed dvt 52 

even though dillion has added numerous upgrades their list price is still only $724.99.

hard to believe in this economy someone is actually trying to help musicians!!

i can give you a great deal on a hard shell case 

if you need one , let me know

features include:

aged solid alder body in butterscotch

vintage style headstock with black dillion logo

vintage style black pick guard.

grover usa ( 18 to 1 ratio ) gears

21-hand polished 2.9 mm super jumbo frets

 hard rock high gloss maple bolt on neck

gloss maple finger board

 d'addario strings ( 10-46 )

2 vintage sounding original  dillion alnico pickups

vintage 6 saddle string through bridge

chrome knobs and 3 way selector

1 master volume,1 master tone

25 1/2 " scale - 12" radius - 1 11/16 nut width

look at these reviews


you can bid with confidence! dillion has been in business since 1995!

you can email them direct and most of the time get a quick response

from john dillion himself.

they offer the highest quality instruments at affordable prices.

here are some unsolicited reviews :


richard virginia of the mighty delta-tones blues band.

" i can well afford a gibson les paul but why would i buy one ? this dillion

delivers everything i need and more at a fraction of the cost!

this guitar is a keeper, just try to pry it away from me.


i bought a left-handed dillion guitar on ebay  last year. many people have commented on it at gigs and despite me owning a gibson les paul custom, 70's fender strat, ibanezrg370, charvel 475 custom and a original ventures mosrite, the dillion is by far the best guitar i have ever owned, which quite frankly is astounding!! the tone, the action, the feel and its stunning finish put guitars with a price tag four times that what i paid for the dillion well and truly in the shade.


thank you for a superb axe. keep up the excellent work, you have a fan for life!


john rogers, gravesend, kent, united kingdom


dear mr.dillion


i received my dillion dl-6500 today from tony. i have a gibson custom shop les paul a fender american telecaster and a top-of-the-line heritage lp, and the workmanship, beauty and playability of the dillion eclipses both of them.

 i was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hardware and pickups. the tone is rich .

 considering the price, it nears perfection.


            thank you



i have hundreds more reviews just like these with people just like you and me who have discovered you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars anymore to own a high quality guitar.\


good luck






the guitars pictured may not be the exact guitar you receive.

most pictures are taken from the dillion web site.

i hand pick each guitar myself at the dillion warehouse.

so, each guitar looks, and plays perfect.