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Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page 1 Murphy Aged Custom Shop 52

  • Market Price: $17995.00

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here's a 2004 gibson les paul jimmy page #1 signature model - #page 052. it is murphy aged and is all original with very minimal aftermarket playwear. the frets are in excellent condition and don't have any grooves. there are some light pickmarks on the pickguard- but the rest of the marks on the guitar are from the factory. it's all original with no breaks, repairs or mods.

the fingerboard was cleaned, buffed and moisturized with an instrument grade lemon oil. it was set up with 9's, adjusted and plays very nicely. all the electronics work as they should.

comes with the original gibson case, certificate of authenticity, and all other stuff as seen in the pictures.

this guitar will be safely packed and shipped.

buyer to pay $60 fedex shipping anywhere in the u.s. full insuranceincluded in shipping. california residents please add 8 % sales tax. local san diego pickup always welcome.

will ship worldwide.

international shipping guidelines:

buyer is responsible for any import duties.

fedex ground to canada is $175 with full insurance.

fedex or usps express is $245 to most parts of europe and the uk. fedex is $295 to asia and australia. full insuranceavailable.

please call or email me if you have any questions - 858-483-0999

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