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Gotoh SGS510Z S5 AG Mini L3 R3 AG Aged Gold L3 R3 Tuners

  • Market Price: $85.00

gotoh? sgs510z-s5-ag l3+r3 ag aged gold l3+r3 tuners

  • gotoh? 510 mini tuners
  • z / delta 1:18 gear ratio
  • rare and beautiful ag aged gold finish
  • l3+r3 for acoustic or les paul type headstocks
  • screw-hole positioned at 8 o'clock
  • contour buttons in matching aged gold
we're very excited about this new finish from gotoh, not only because it looks amazing but also because it's a japarts exclusive! we're the only ones who have any of these and our supply is very limited. you won't find these anywhere else!

these are top-of-the-line gotoh? 510 sealed-gear tuners using the best of their technological advancements in a beautiful package! lubri-plate for smooth gear action and rock solid string posts that eliminate unwanted rattle!bushings, beveled washers and wood screws included - all in a matching finish.

sgs510z diagram
product dimensions

please double-check the diagram image to compare these tuners with your headstock configuration, in particular the position of the screw-holes.

for more information please visit the gotoh website:
important shipping instructions

please send us your telephone number in a message, email, or a note with your order. we cannot ship from japan without that information so the earlier you send it, the earlier we can ship your order.
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bonus: beveled washers!
the difference may be subtle, but it's real. beveled washers look less mechanical, more organic. they make your gotoh? tuners look less like hardware attached to your instrument and more like a part of your instrument.

not finding what you want?
japarts is an official gotoh? agent - the sole official agent in north america. we can supply you with anything in their catalog.

please ask us if you have any questions or requests.

please note that while the delta name is commonly associated with top-of-the-line gotoh? tuners it is not an official gotoh? name. any tuners that we ship will be gotoh? factory-standard and will not have "delta" printed on the cap.