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La Guitarworks Model T Tele Style Relic Aged Guitar not Nash

  • Market Price: $400.00

la guitarworks of louisiana is now offering selected demo guitars on ebay at this 2 pieces are alike and will not conflict with our louisiana dealers...we not only offer aged distressed guitars, we do a complete custom guitar suited for each client...ya want 80's wild crazy, 50-60s every detail as if were from the era...basically ya got 2 wild guys that grew up in a music store, toured playing their hearts out and just flat out love with this in mind and more to come visit
la guitarworks dot net!!!

as you see in the market you all know what top quality guitars in this caliber sell for...these demos are starting at a steal...don't miss out...

ok what we have here is the
the model t
100% nitro finish
guitar completely aged
neck, body, hardware!!!!
21 fret rosewood neck
tall frets - kinda med hair smaller than 6105
c shape
10 in radius
1 5/8 nut
gotoh klusion vintage tuners
alder body
vintage white
georgeous crazing on the body
custom rail pickup in bridge
other pickup are custom wound vintage pickups wound for la guitarworks
we are here to please
if there is anything you do not like about the guitar- pickguard color, pickup covers let us know
we will change at no charge

our luthier aims to please and all guitars are setup and play like a dream...great string tension!!!

you want it, you got it!!!
don't forget la guitarworks dot net