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Madison's Pre Wired Fender Telecaster Tele Control Plate Project Aged

As a professional guitar custom shop, we are able to make all kinds of guitars in any style. For example, you can change the finish color freely, or add your personalized elements to your guitar, such as your autograph, your pictures or any other somethings you like. Importantly, our customized guitars are pricing in a very reasonable price range, only a few hundreds of dollars for a custom made guitar, that is really a great deal! Contact us right now, we are waiting for you!
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The guitar pictures here aim to show you our ablity of what style we can build, and provide some reference for your custom plan model, so if you want to customize the guitar you want, please email us and make a enquiry.
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why madison's? we are veterans of the boutique guitar parts market. we sell nothing but the highest quality parts money can buy and have spent years researching and developing our product line. we have over 15 years in the restoration business and sell thousands of parts each year. we have the experience and knowledge it takes to provide you with a superior product! view or flawless feedback... our old school approach to customer service is the best in the industry. we take pride in our work and know how important each customer is to us. we are a company that stands behind our workmanship and materials.  ben lindsey.

this auction is for a pre wired aged telecaster control plate. the plate can be wired to your specs with choice of knobs, and switch tip. auction is for a genuine fender plate, cts pots, switchcraft switch, switchcraft jack, genuine fender knobs and genuine fender switch tip. standard 3 way switch is used unless 4 way wanted. choose from flat top or dome knobs. we have both original and top hat switch tips. for custom wiring or please contact us for prices. we can get creative with our wiring if needed! please allow 1 week turn around on the harness. a wiring diagram will be included to help you with the pickup placement on the switch and grounds. easy to install! please feel free to ask any questions!  


usa $6.95 first class, $8.95 priority

international $13.95

ben lindsey


please read: madison's music prides itself in great customer service and personal transactions. madison's music is a small family owned shop. most of our parts are aged to order and are not ready in advance. please allow on some parts up to seven days to ship. custom orders may take longer. most but not all parts will be shipped next day via usps first class. if you have any concerns or are in a hurry please contact us or call. we will be able to give you an estimated shipping time. all our parts are aged to order so please specify the amount of wear you would like or send pic's. we truly care about making our parts perfect for your project. thank-you. ben lindsey.