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Neovin Noisefree "Power Rock" Set "Aged Cream V14

  • Market Price: $95.95

neovin noisefree "power rock" set "aged cream v14

always the best quality for the lowest price!

the “power rock” set combines our hottest neodymium bridge pickup with two overwound neo7 pickups for the neck and mid.

we use a single neo9 neodymium pickup for the bridge. this retains a lot of classic strat character, bright and full with a thunderous low end- dead quiet too. neck and mid are neodymium magnet neo7 units- these have more power and gain than standard vintage pickups but still retain a lot of the classic strat character and high end sparkle.

stand right in front of your amp, stand under a dozen heineken neon signs- don’t matter. no noise.

look- lots of noise free and hum canceling strat pickups claim to be “vintage”- why are ours different?? it’s the approach. from our years of pickup design we know the pitfalls of hum canceling pickup design. stacked humbuckers lose bottom end, side by side humbuckers lose treble response, shielded pickups lose feel and dynamics, active pickups hiss and lose that “human” flex and sag that make passive, analog pickups so musically significant.

why are our different?? we started with a very narrow aperture side by side humbucker, then build a grounded “shield” array that works to acoustically and magnetically “tune” the pickup. it’s a remarkable thing really, nailing the tone, the feel, the rich, firm piano-like bottom end…. the sweet, not-too-harsh and very vintage midrange response…. the chimey, sparkly golden high end….it’s all there, with plenty to spare.

these are great pickups for strat players looking for a loud, powerful guitar that handles high gain well, yet still has the bouncy, sparkly high end common to vintage strats.

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