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New Knaggs Kenai Tier 3 Aged Scotch Worldwide Shipping

  • Market Price: $2918.00

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the knaggs kenai is the knaggs interpretation of the classic single cut set-neck design. by employing traditional materials and obsessive attention to fit, finish and detail, the knaggs kenai creates the type of playing experience that only exists in the rarefied world of custom built guitars.

the knagg's kenai in "tier 3" level trim features:

  • mahogany body, 8.2 pounds
  • curly maple top
  • quarter-sawn mahogany set neck
  • rosewood fingerboard
  • 24.75" scale, 12" radius, 22 frets
  • '59 neck profile, 1-11/16 at the nut
  • gotoh open back tuners
  • ebony headstock veneer
  • nickel plated hardware
  • knaggs design bridge/tailpiece
  • two seymour duncan sh-1 pickups
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • two volume and two tone controls
  • deluxe padded hardshell case
  • list price: $3800

test gear: fender bassman ltd reissue amplifier, dr z. remedy

full disclosure: i don't tend to gravitate towards humbucker guitars. having cut my teeth on various incarnations of fullerton products, g&l's and the like, i remain staunchly a single color proponent (p-90's count too). but let's face it; some of the world's greatest rock has sprung forth from the exact format that the kenai -- and countless other guitars -- emulates.

critics and hurlers of sour grapes will contend that the kenai is highly derivative of the prs single cut design. and given joe knagg's lineage that is not totally unfounded. however while the single cut has the roundness and general proportions that caused gibson so much consternation, the shape of the kenai is stretched and pulled in such a way that is really does look different. it's not like they tried to copy a les paul and blew it: it's got its own shape and it looks kind of sporty. the back is nicely contoured for comfort, and at 8.2 pounds it ain't bad for a big hunk of mahogany.

unplugged the knagg's in wonderfully resonant, and has a great snap to the notes that produces a lot of tonal shades even with no juice running through the pickups. credit this to good assembly, a quarter sawn neck, and their own interesting bridge design which integrates the bridge and tailpiece into a single assembly. the kenai has heaps of natural sustain and energy which is the hallmark of a well made guitar.

once plugged in, the solid construction and sustain of the kenai carries over wonderfully. strumming clean chords or single notes produces a sound that swells, blooms and sustains in way that most guitars just can't do. much like the knaggs choptank we tested, we were totally sucked into the clean sound of the guitar, and found most of our playing and experimentation to be done with no effects other than a little reverb and maybe a touch of gain now and then from something mild like a voodoo lab sparkle drive. this is not a guitar you improve with distortion: you can augment it's tone with distortion, but it's not needed to create tone. it's got that already.

while the thought of seymour duncan sh-1 pickups may not impress devotees of boutique winders, they are an excellent match, sounding thick, clean and articulate all at the same time. the attack is maybe a little quick for those used to the slightly spongy feel of most single coils, but there's no stuffy, congested feeling in the upper end of the neck pickup, or sharp nasal honk at the bridge. balanced would be the best overall descriptor, and while i can't vouch that these pickups sound like "real paf's", they sound awfully good.

guitarists who have played strats all their lives have really missed the joy of individual volume and tone controls. yeah, you get a five-way switch, but it's hard to match the infinite blending capabilities of four knobs. the best way to experience the potential of the kenai is to place the pickup switch in the middle position and explore. the balance and interplay between the two pickups, volume and tone controls allows for tremendous creativity and the ability to quickly make minute tonal adjustments. just get your amp somewhere in the general zone, and the kenai will do the rest. in my opinion, it's how these guitars are meant to be played. it's just not all neck or all bridge: you paid for those knobs, use them. it also bears mentioning that the volume and tone knobs are effective and usable throughout their entire range. the audio taper volume controls don't turn to mud once you're below 7, and the tone controls have a gradual and musical roll-off across the entire sweep. rarely did we have the guitar wide open, as there were just too many good tones to found elsewhere.

as you might expect from a guitar in this price range, the kenai's '59 neck and medium frets played perfectly. as to its "59-ness" we compared it to our custom shop historic les paul junior, and found it to be very similar. the kenai profile was maybe a tad thinner, and maybe not quite as wide at the 12th fret, but overall they are pretty close. dimensionally our preference leans toward the kenai, as it's a little easier to navigate and the medium frets felt very silky and fast.

guitars in this price range are purely an emotional purchase, and for many fixated on validation from their peers or resale value, there are only two or three acceptable names that can appear on the headstock. but let's say you're not a slave to convention: what can you expect from a knagg's kenai? you can expect top level workmanship, elegant and sophisticated design, excellent playability, and a depth and purity of tone that is truly uncommon (we play a lot of guitars, trust us on that one). that should be reason enough to own one. actually it should be the reason, but it takes time to build brand equity, and knagg's is a relatively new brand. the other thing to expect from a knaggs guitar is that you won't be disappointed.

we are an authorized knaggs dealer and this is a brand new guitar with full warranty, tools, tags and certificates

orders received by 12:00est will be shipped the next day. all guitars are setup and tested prior to shipment

buy with confidence: we offer a 14 day money back satisfactionguarantee. winning buyer  receives freeups ground shipping in the lower 48 states. all other destinations pleaseemail for quote. we are happy to ship overseas, but please be advised that the buyer is responsible for all import duty and vat taxes. if in doubt please consult your local authorities.

all merchandise issubject to prior in-store sales and we reserve the right to end this auctionearly. you can also follow us on twitter at

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