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The Swamp Slide Pro Guitar Slide Aged Brass Size L by Rock Slides

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 this listing is for 1 swamp guitar slide in aged brass finish size large. also available in medium and in aged nickel finish. please contact us for more info.


the concept:

what does the current slide offer? just a piece of pipe. dozens of manufacturers all charging a fortune for what the home center sells for pennies.

problem 1: while trying to keep the slide from dropping past the second knuckle, your inspired solo distracts you and your slide falls, pinching your hand as you go to use it again.

problem 2: it's either thin, but comfortable, and has no tone, or it is a cumbersome bulky slide.

problem 3: no matter what slide you buy, it wobbles. sure, it's snug at the base, but loose across the rest of the finger.

solution? a slide made completely different.
make a slide that tapers inside so that it is snug, maintains a clean thin feel yet with great weight and sustain, and notch the bottom so it never pinches the finger or falls out of place during that inspired solo. the answer... don't cut, carve the perfect slide!

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from design to existence

in order to make these slides reality, we must employ computer driven swiss screw machines, utilizing cad drawings to take these babies to the next level. it's the only way to achieve the tapered interior, the finger contour at the base of the slide, and a very intuitive finger rest so your non-slide digits can aid in controlling your next riff!

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the right fit

3 sizes: small, medium, and large ? 2 finishes: brass and chrome  

the small slide fits comfortably on the pinky finger allowing the index, middle and ring finger freedom to play. the medium slide fits the ring finger comfortably and can be worn on the pinky finger of players with larger fingers or if you want full six string coverage with a slide on the pinky finger. the large slide fits comfortably on the middle finger or the ring finger of players with larger fingers. the large slide has the adjacent finger rests on both sides for resting the index and ring finger (maximum stability) the weight and thickness of this slide produce un-parallel sustain!!

the inside diameter and wall thickness are as follows:
.060  (like a d string on a bass guitar) 
.080  (like an a string on a bass guitar) 
.100  (like an e string on a bass guitar) 
way more comfortable than a spark plug socket!!

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the rockslide sound

rockslides have un-parallel sustain. why so much sustain? because we started with a solid brass rod. the heart of the rockslide is the solid "bronzed brass" rod that is magically carved to fit your finger. we are now utilizing an new formula of  "bronzed brass" for the slides. this particular brass formula has a lot of nickel content which is the best for tone, sustain and plating. the walls are thick and get thicker towards the end of the slide. we intentionally added mass to them. like a hawaiian slide players bar cuts through the mix with more weight and mass, so does the rockslide.

not just a piece of pipe.

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concept drawings


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