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Throbak MXV PAF Pickup Cover Aged Vintage PAF Clone

  • Market Price: $59.50

this listing is for a single aged nickel throbak mxv paf pickup cover.  made in usa.


great upgrade for gibson historics!
throbak's 4 step aging process results in realistic aged look. made in usa. 

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a throbak exclusive theseare the same paf style pickup covers that come with all maximum vintagepaf style pickups. these are a great vintage look upgrade for any paf style pickup. spacing matches vintage paf's and most after market paf style pickups. 

vintage paf covers havedifferences in shape and even cover thickness through the paf era. themxv paf covers were tooled by throbak to duplicate the dimpled screwhole look of thinner paf covers. these thinner covers give you themaximum in tonal clarity. just like the original thin paf covers, mxvcovers have straight sides making for easier installation. tops areflat assuring a proper fit and correct vintage look. 

  mvx paf covers are nickel plated with the correct no copper processat the same family owned kalamazoo plating shop that did gibson nickelplating all the way back to the 50's. prep buffing and plating are bothdone in the kalamazoo area with the same processes that were used withgibson golden era covers. every step in manufacturing from tooling,stamping, buffing and plating was done in the usa exclusively forthrobak.